Back to Self-Publishing Basics: Some Tips and Thoughts

September 17, 2014

Self Publishing PlanLast week we kicked off a series of how-to and tips posts on self-publishing and writing in general.  In last week’s post, we cataloged some how-to posts you can find on this blog on the different aspects of the self-publishing world.  This week I want to share some thoughts and tips on the industry.

Here are some posts about the more nuanced aspects of writing as a business.

Should Writers Give Their Work Away for Free?

The Day Job and the Writer

Tips on Setting Up Your Writing Space

3 Tips on Using Goodreads as an Indie Writer

Next week, I’ll cover the topic of reading what you’ll be writing.  It’s a common mistake for writers to attempt to write in a genre they don’t read.  I’ll share with you next week some books I think are historical romance cannon should you think about writing in this genre.

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