Another Excerpt from Son of a Duke…

June 27, 2013

London during the Napoleonic Wars…

She did in fact like Nathan Black’s kiss.
His lips were warm and soft, his mouth moving against hers with such demand she felt her entire body go slack in response.  His hands held her tightly even as she thought she would surely melt in a puddle at his feet.  She moved her own hands, sliding along the muscled contours of his shoulders to the nape of his neck, her fingers twining with the strands of hair that curled over his collar.  She thought she heard him moan, but he deepened the kiss, and she forgot anything at all.  His tongue traced a searing line around the edges of her lips, and she whimpered, wanting more, wanting everything from him.  She splayed her hands along his shoulders and pulled him foward, hoping to convey what she was feeling without knowing how to do so.  But he groaned again, and his mouth sank into hers, and she reveled in the feel of the power she had over him.
She held the power here.  He moved with her every command.  A simple tug on his shoulders, and he came to her, unleashing his desire exactly as she wished.  If she straightened away from him, she knew he would stop.  She did not want to try it for fear that the magic of the kiss would be broken, but somewhere in her, the knowledge of the thing drove her forward.  She sat up straighter, coming up above him, so that she took control of the kiss.  And she returned his demand with a will of her own.  She felt him lean back in the chair, felt his hands release and slide to her hips, fisting in the folds of her skirt, no longer holding onto her but waiting as if bracing for what was to come.  The power she felt in that moment raced through her, sending her confidence soaring to a place it had never been.  Emboldened, she parted her lips, opening herself to him-
And then someone knocked on the door.
Nora fell off his lap.
She hit the floor with such a thump Nathan was sure it would send that irate butler Hawkins running to the rescue.  He wanted to rip out his fingernails to distract himself from the ball of frustration burning in his gut.  Looking at the door, he sent silent curses at whoever stood beyond it.  Something had happened in the last few second of the kiss.  Nathan had felt it, had felt how Nora had changed, felt the determination sweep over her.  The fear had gone, swept away by whatever feeling of triumph Nora had suddenly embraced.  He knew something….beautiful, something…powerful was about to happen when they had been interrupted.  If only they had had but two seconds more, Nathan was sure he could have brought Nora to a place she had never been before.
Nora fumbled with her skirts, attempting modesty when after the kiss they had just shared seemed ridiculous.  But Nathan knew Nora did not feel that way.  So he helped her.  As much as it made that ball of frustration burn hotter, he helped her.  They stood together, bumping against each other, before steadying.
The knock came again.
Nora looked at the door now, her eyes narrowed and her lips strained.  Nathan could only imagine her own curses she was sending at the intruder.  Then she flicked her hair behind her shoulder, strode over to the door and ripped it open.
With one hand on her hip, one turning white on the door knob she had just ripped open, she demanded, “What?”
A man that smelled so foul that tears formed in Nathan’s eyes from the stench stood in the hallway.  The man smashed a hat in his fists and swayed from foot to foot in uncertainty.  A line of blood oozed from a crack in his lip.
“Beggin’ yer pardon, ma’am.  But they’ve taken ‘im,” the man said.
“What, Michael?”  Nora’s hand had relaxed on the door, her other starting the slide down her hip.
“Yer boy, miss.  They’ve taken him.”

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