And This, Too, Shall Pass

January 13, 2012

Every once in a while my mom says something pretty remarkable. Things like…

“This stew is almost as good as your brother’s.”

And to said brother,

“Jake, don’t sweat.”

And in her best impersonation of Elmer Fudd,

“You’re gonna wagwet it.”

But the best thing she ever said to me was this.

“Eventually, you fall asleep.”

I have many issues.  I can provide you with a list chronologically, alphabetically or even in order of importance.  But one my issues is that sometimes I have trouble sleeping.  An issue that I inherited from my mother conveniently enough.  So one night when I was doing everything but sleeping I called my mom who was doing likewise.  It was about three in the morning, and in her great ability to take whatever problem you’re having and shrink it to the point where you feel like an idiot for even bringing it up, she said these great words to me.

“Eventually, you fall asleep.”

This in turn reminded me of one of Julia Quinn’s stories.  The hero is an insomniac, and the heroine tells him he won’t fall asleep if he doesn’t shut his eyes. It makes it sound so simple, but then again, so many things are.  And you can say so many different ways.  I work retail and have faced more than my fair share of customer service issues, but one of my bosses once said, “Jess, at the end of the day, it’s just a dog bed.”

So where is all of this taking me?

To a bit of a reminder that in this age of smartphones, e-readers and wi-fi.

This, too, shall pass.

That’s what it all boils down to once you get through shutting your eyes and realizing that your greatest concern is a dog bed.

This is a very important piece of advice, because sometimes, you can really forget that at some point everything that you worry about, everything that you love, everything that you wish would happen, can’t wait to happen, will be over.

Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed by a worry that we think it is never going to end, but at some point, it will.

So when somebody ruins your day at work because he’s stolen your good pen, remember that some day someone is going to steal it from whoever stole it from you.  When you have such a bad head cold that you would like your head to disconnect from your body because it would feel so much better, just remember that in less than 24 hours you will once again be able to breath through your nose.

So what are you to do with this knowledge?

Go be a rock star.  Climb Kilimanjaro.  Learn Mandarin Chinese.  Paint with your toes.  Drink chocolate milk out of a straw because you can.

Because eventually you’ll shut your eyes, fall asleep and dream about dog beds.

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