An Excerpt from For Love of the Earl

August 19, 2013

For Love of the Earl Book Two




The English Channel

April 1815

“You just had to leave, didn’t you?” Sarah screamed over the sound of the water coming over the side of the dinghy.  She didn’t catch the look on her husband’s face.  She was too busy not being swept into the Channel.  The dinghy lurched suddenly, going deeper than it had before.  Someone grabbed the back of her dress.  She saw the surface of the water rise up precariously close to her face.
And she knew she didn’t want to die.
She wanted to live a very long life.  Preferably with her husband.  She wanted babies, sons that had Alec’s eyes, daughters who had his smile.  She wanted to fight with her husband just to have the pleasure of making up with him.  She just wanted life with him.
But he was going to leave.  He had left.  And right after very nearly, almost making love to her.  It was cruel enough to just leave.  He didn’t have to leave during.
And all because she was a bastard, undeserving of a husband like the Earl of Stryden.
So that was why she seriously doubted she would be making babies with the man she loved so much it hurt.  Earls did not make babies with orphans.  Especially an orphan who had roots in a brothel.
The dinghy pitched again, and the hand holding the back of her dress tightened, dragging her backwards.  She landed against her husband’s chest.  The wind rushed out of her as his other arm came around her, anchoring her to him.  His lips were suddenly against her ear, and he spoke, but she wasn’t sure if she was meant to hear it.
“I’m not losing you to the damn Channel.”
Despite everything, she shivered.  Shivered from his nearness, shivered from his words.  Just shivered because it was him.  And they were there.  Surrounded by French sailors on their way to a ship that was going to take them to France, to the Comte de Montmartre, where they would be prisoners until someone came to rescue them.  Although, if the comte’s plan succeeded as the French wanted, then the comte would only be adding prisoners to his dungeon, not releasing any.
But right now her husband’s arms were around her, and he didn’t have to know how much she enjoyed that, wanted that.  She could hide her response.  After all, the Channel was attacking them.  She doubted he would be paying much attention to how she reacted to his nearness.  So for now, even though she was on a dinghy that could very well be swamped and she could very well be dragged to the bottom of the Channel, she was going to enjoy sitting in her husband’s embrace, because it was very unlikely that she would ever be able to enjoy it again.

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